Marine Contracting

We are highly skilled in completing projects in, around or on the water.

We provide Civil Engineering, Demolition and Decommissioning, Hazardous Waste Removal and other Industrial and Construction Services for marine environments.

Our Capability

Our extensive experience spans the building and remedial maintenance of wharves, jetties, pipelines, pontoons, barges, beacons, walkways, and any other steel, timber, concrete and aluminium products.

We have completed two significant vessel dismantling and disposal projects – the ex HMAS Hobart and ex-HMAS Adelaide – along with major cliff stabilisation, and level and construction support works.

  • Project planning and advisory services
  • Installation or removal of piles
  • Removal or construction of bridges, boardwalks, piers and jetties
  • Pipeline trenching and construction
  • Port and marine infrastructure works
  • Vessel decommissioning and dismantle
  • Demolition of existing marine infrastructure
  • Cliff stabilisation
  • Levee support and construction
  • Acid sulphate soils treatment


Our Capability

MCM_First-divers-assess-HMAS-Adel (1)

The decommissioned HMAS Adelaide is scuttled off Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, 13 April 2011

HMAS Hobart, Scuttling of Vessel for Recreational Dive Wreck Use_3


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Ex-HMAS Adelaide safe and sound on ocean’s ground

After more than two years of planning and preparation the ex-HMAS Adelaide has reached its final resting place on the bott...

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HMAS Hobart
  • Demolition & Decommissioning
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image description
The final journey of the ex-HMAS Adelaide

Protesters had vowed to make a last-ditch attempt to prevent ex-HMAS Adelaide being scuttled off Avoca Beach on the Centra...

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