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Intract Australia

In 2010, the vision came to life and Intract was launched as a business unit of McMahon Services. Today, Intract Australia is a standalone 51% Indigenous owned, managed and controlled enterprise.

The civil contracting and general building organisation has bases in Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, operating throughout Australia. Since its inception, Intract has provided training and employment for over 150 Indigenous people across Australia, proudly boasting a majority Indigenous workforce.

Intract’s vision is to instil confidence into local Aboriginal communities through the provision of stable jobs, skills training, mentoring and support.



Ballestrin provides leading edge construction and remedial services to the building industry across Australia.

Established over 50 years ago, Ballestrin have unbeatable project experience across concrete construction, remedial services, masonry and paving, civil and earthworks, formwork and special surface applications.


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McMahon Investments

Led by our CEO, Amy Jones, the purpose of McMahon Investments is to provide a diverse portfolio of assets to be maintained for future generations, and to identify opportunities that can utilise the skill, experience, and knowledge of the broader group to provide maximum value.

McMahon Investments owns a number of properties that have had a history of heavy industrial use and environmental issues and have now been repurposed to provide long-term positive outcomes for sites that would have otherwise been unusable.

The business incorporates;


ResourceCo is a global leader in the recovery and remanufacturing of primary resources, extracting maximum values from materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Established in 1992 by David, Andrew McMahon, and Simon Brown, ResourceCo has operations in Australia and southeast Asia, and works with government, communities, and companies (including McMahon Services) to progress the circular economy.

ResourceCo is a recognised pioneer in the resource recovery sector and having re-purposed over 50 million tonnes of material, they are the largest energy from a waste producer in Australasia.

ResourceCo continues to invest in its leading edge plant and equipment through best-in-class technologies, with an unrelenting focus on adding the capability to the emerging circular economy, which is forecast for significant long-term growth.

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DockYard Adelaide

Located at Largs North in South Australia, Dockyard comprises over 45,000 sqm of hardstand and shed facilities providing a common user facility for the marine industry. With specialised Marine Travel lifts and purpose-built sheds, DockYard is focused on providing industry-leading facilities to the marine industry.

Dockyard is currently undertaking capital works program, investing in infrastructure which will increase the capacity of the facility to lift and work on boats up to 150 tonnes, and has plans to further double this capacity over the next 10 years.


Tyrecycle operates eight dedicated tyre processing plants across Australia, collecting over 120,000 tonnes of waste tyres, OTR tyres and conveyor belts annually. Awarded Best Tyre Recycler in March 2021, Tyrecycle collects over 20 million tyres per annum with a recycling rate of 99%.

Repurposed waste tyres are used across a wide range of products including road construction, athletic and playground surfaces, TDF, and moulded products. Through the generation of over 150,000 tonnes of Tyre Derived Fuels (TDF), Tyrecycle has helped businesses to avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to taking over 37,000 cars off the road for a year.

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Greenfields Living

Established in 2015, Greenfields Living owns and operates four unique Independent Living
Facilities in the Northern Territory. With locations in Tiwi and Durack, they provide the very best in affordable luxury retirement living in safe and secure facilities.

Greenfields Living is the largest retirement living operator in the Northern Territory, and
with an additional 44 units to be constructed in the coming years, provide the largest range
of options for those over 55 looking for a maintenance free lifestyle.

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