Environmental Remediation

Award-winning environmental remediation services contractor

We have tackled some of the most complex remediation projects undertaken in Australia, surpassing industry standards. Our wide range of experience and expertise sets us apart and we continually deliver to the highest standards as demonstrated through our numerous awards and industry acknowledgements.

Our environmental remediation services

Contaminated soil & solid waste treatment

  • Acid sulphate soil – in-situ and ex-situ
  • Bioremediation – biopiling, landfarming, co-composting, enhanced bioremediation
  • Chemical stabilisation – fixation, immobilisation, microencapsulation, solidification
  • Chemical oxidation – in-situ and ex-situ
  • Geotechnical improvement – physical and chemical
  • Lab-scale and pilot-scale treatment trials and approvals
  • Asbestos contaminated soil

Groundwater & wastewater treatment

  • Pump and treat system installation and servicing
  • Permeable reactive barrier (PRB) installation
  • In-situ treatment system installation and servicing
  • Acid mine drainage

Our environmental remediation services


Mould cleaning and remediation

  • Containing the contaminated area and isolating unaffected areas
  • Removing and disposing of mould and mouldy materials
  • Cleaning and drying anything salvageable
  • FIxing the problem at its source
  • Treating surfaces to minimise risk of the mould returning

PFAS contamination treatment

  • Soil treatment with a specialised soil recycler – Komatsu Reterra BZ210-1 G-Mode
  • Contaminated water treatment with an automated system

Capping, hydroseeding and revegetation

  • Restore natural environment in decommissioned industrial sites/former waste treatment and landfill sites

Radioactive material management

  • Isolation and confinement of radioactive material management
  • Disposal methods depending on waste level

Drilling mud treatment

  • Appropriate disposal of drilling mud
  • Drilling mud treatment to allow it to be reused
  • Remediation of well sites or other impacted areas
  • Revegatation and landscaping as required
  • Environmental auditing

Environmental remediation plant and equipment

We’ve invested in the latest and most up-to-date technology for environmental remediation. As part of our $80 million plant and equipment fleet, we have specialised equipment capable of rehabilitating sites that we can mobilise across Australia.

McMahon Services can efficiently and very effectively recycle contaminated soils using our Komatsu Reterra G-mode. This soil recycler can treat acid sulphate soils and neutralise and stabilise contaminated soils, up to 150m3 of soil per hour.

We have environmental remediation service experts on our team that are highly-experienced using this fleet of plant and equipment to ensure safe and effective rehabilitation.

Do you have an upcoming remediation project? Contact the expert team at McMahon Services to assist you with your estimating and project delivery requirements.
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Welland Remediation Works
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Joining Australia’s largest construction project

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