Temporary Grandstands, Scaffolding & Events Infrastructure

Australia’s leading provider of temporary events infrastructure.

McMahon Services is Australia’s leading provider of temporary grandstands, scaffolding and events infrastructure. We offer a complete, streamlined solution to temporary grandstand infrastructure, including in-house design, engineering, supply, transport and on-site installation.

Unique grandstand seating and events infrastructure

With over 30 years of experience in the event and construction industries, we offer our clients a complete project management solution underpinned by best practice management systems, quality and safety standards.

McMahon Services Events takes great pride in delivering a premium level of customer service and making sure we deliver a solution that suits your unique requirements.

We have the largest range of seating system options in Australia, which provides you with the greatest flexibility to cater for the most demanding events. This currently includes over 35,000 seats, 2,000m² of modular roof cover and 5,000m² of corporate platforms.All grandstands offer ergonomic bucket or tip-up seats with a larger than standard 500mm seat center and 800mm platform.

This provides us with the perfect foundation to build the right seating solution for you.

Our scaffolding & events infrastructure services

Our team is experienced across a whole range of events infrastructure and scaffolding, including:

  • Temporary Grandstands
  • Corporate Platforms
  • Elevated Media Platforms
  • Access Solutions


  • Modular Roof Systems
  • Event Seating
  • Scaffolding
  • Design and Installation

Our commitment to safety

When erecting temporary events infrastructure, safety is paramount.

McMahon Services is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all staff and contractors, and hold all licences and permits to perform high-risk work, including scaffolding.

Scaffolding and events infrastructure equipment

McMahon Services can effectively and efficiently supply and assemble your event infrastructure thanks to the equipment and tools we have invested in:

  • Telehandlers
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Trucks
  • Forklifts
  • 25t – 250t cranes

Along with this equipment, we have also invested in building a skilled and licensed team that can safely operate it to meet regulations. We can mobilise this equipment and our team across Australia, from the CBD to the most remote locations for industry constructions.

Our Seating Systems

Our Premium System was manufactured specifically for the Clipsal 500 Supercar event in Adelaide and has since been used all over the world.

The tip-up seats are manufactured from polypropylene using the latest gas injected technology for clean lines and aesthetics. This system is truly a new generation of the seating industry.

The aluminum beams and risers make this the lightest system in operation with an easy clip-in decking system allowing for quick and efficient installation.

The main frame is supported by ringlock scaffold enabling multiple configurations to robustly support any design required.

The Premium System also offers a contemporary modular arced roof system that seamlessly connects to the rear of the stand giving 100% cover where needed.


12,500 seats

Mixture of blue and grey tip-up seats

Roof cover for 3,000 seats

5,000sqm of Corporate Platform (decks, rail and understructure)

Premium Seating

Aluminum trimmed timber decks (with anti-slip phenolic film)

Aluminum extrusion beams and risers (fully enclosed)

Galvanised rails

Tip-up seat as standard (blue and grey)

Arm rests

Cup holders

Modular Bay Dimensions

Seat centres – 500mm

Going – 800mm

Rake – 22 degrees and 28 degrees

Standard Bay Dimensions:

2.57m x 2.07m (full truss: 4 seats wide x 3 rows)

2.57m x 1.57m (full truss: 3 seats wide / aisle x 3 rows)

*Bays are modular and are interconnected to gain the number of seats required

Modular Roof System

We have designed a modular roof that seamlessly fits to the seating beams. A lightweight aluminium rear and front leg support our arched beams to provide the framing to house the waterproof covers.

Phillip Island 2

Elite Seating and cup holders

mcm events Phillip Island - Moto Grand Prix

Australian Masters mcm events

Our Pakar System is extremely versatile, making it simple to install as a temporary or permanent grandstand.

The system interlocks using braces, steel beams and deck units for fast assembly. With a strong ringlock scaffold understructure, our grandstands can be installed on any type of surface i.e. concrete, grass and sand.

The versatile nature of the Pakar System can allow for ground undulation in any direction making it an ideal system for outdoor events as well as indoors.

The Pakar System comes with an 18 degree or 26 degree rake, offering our clients different options to suit the sightline needs of their events.

14,000 seats
2,500 VIP tip-up seats

General Admission Seating
Timber deck
Galvanised rails and frame
Bucket seat as standard (blue)

VIP Seating
Timber deck
Galvanised rail and frames
Padded tip-up seat (red)

Modular Bay Dimensions
Seat centres – 500mm
Going – 800mm
Rake – 18 degrees and 26 degrees

Standard Bay Dimensions:
3.28m x 2.00m (full truss: 4 seats wide x 4/5 rows)
3.28m x 1.50m (full truss: 3 seats wide / aisle x 4/5 rows)
1.64m x 2.00m (half truss: 4 seats wide x 3 rows)
1.64m x 1.50m (half truss: 3 seats wide / aisle x 3 rows)
*Bays are modular and are interconnected to gain the number of seats required

The AAA System has been the backbone of the temporary seating industry for many years and is still as ever present in Australia’s major event calendar.

It consists of a lightweight frame understructure and truss system with hard wearing Australian ply deck platforms and Australian made bucket seats.

This modular system enables it to be designed and built to fit within a smaller footprint all the way through to a large international event, such as the F1 Grand Prix.

10,000 seats
2,000 blackout indoor seats

Indoor Seating
Designed to be unnoticed in the background of a TV / theatre production
Black floors (optional black hard wearing carpet)
Black rails and frame
Bucket seat as standard (with optional seat covers)
Tip-up seat (added extra)

Outdoor Seating
Green rails and frame
Beige bucket seat as standard
*Galvanized framed option with blue bucket seat

Modular Bay Dimensions
Seat centres – 500mm
Going – 800mm

Standard Bay Dimensions:
3.28m x 1.43m (full truss: 3 seats wide x 4/5 rows)
3.28m x 0.95m (full truss: 2 seats wide / aisle x 4/5 rows)
1.4m x 1.43m (half truss: 3 seats wide x 3 rows)
1.64m x 0.95m (half truss: 2 seats wide / aisle x 3 rows)
*Bays are modular and are interconnected to gain the number of seats required

Melbourne - Equitana

Melbourne - Comedy Festival

Scaffolding installation

The McMahon Services Events team’s capability also extends to temporary scaffolding for a wide variety of projects.

From erecting and dismantling temporary event infrastructure, building or renovation works, or demolition and decommissioning, McMahon Services offers a comprehensive, full-service solution for scaffolding.

We have a range of scaffolding solutions to suit your unique problems. Our team can deliver multi-storey scaffolding to any height in any location across Australia.

  • Scaffolding hire
  • Installation and dismantling
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Aluminium scaffolding
  • Layher Allround – offering a lightweight scaffolding system
  • Layher Protect – offering weather protection in an enclosed scaffolding system

Expert demolition scaffolding

McMahon Services has a track record of providing expert demolition scaffolding services. This scaffolding is fully-contained and can encapsulate asbestos and hazardous waste remediation works. Our team will ensure all voidss are closed to reduce the risk of personnel or objects falling too.

Edge protection systems

We offer edge protection systems for added safety and security that meet Building Code of Australia requirements. Our structures can be fixed to concrete slabs, live forming decks, steel frames and parapets to protect the construction and demolition team working on it too.

Do you need specialist advice on temporary event infrastructure and scaffolding? Contact our expert team today.

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