Industrial Services

Specialist industrial solutions from shutdown projects through to emergency response.

McMahon Services has a reputation for tackling the hard jobs that few others can or want to handle. Our multi-disciplinary capability enables us to deliver difficult and challenging industrial services for our clients. From industrial cleaning to shutdown works and ongoing maintenance and emergency services, McMahon Services has the people and equipment to support your ongoing business operations.

Our Industrial Services division offers diverse capabilities and experience in waste management, waste storage, industrial cleaning, maintenance and shutdown works suitable for most heavy industrial sites across Australia.

McMahon Services provides ad hoc maintenance and spill management services for a variety of clients across Australia including the Department of Defence, SA Power Networks, Flinders Power, Alcoa, Lendlease, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), John Holland and Watpac — with response times under 2 hours for most incidents. Our services cover urban, rural and remote locations across all states and territories of Australia.

Specialised industrial maintenance services

Specialised maintenance contracts include 24/7 emergency chemical spill cleaning, safe transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous materials, fire and water damage repairs, and chemical relocation services.

We have over 950 personnel with specialist skills and experience available for a range of industrial services with a rapid response time in case of emergency across the nation.

Our core team in Adelaide can mobilise personnel and equipment to any location in Australia, supported by our resources in our capital city and regional offices and plant yards across South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Industrial Services

Our industrial services specialties

We specialise in industrial services across three core service areas – environmental, infrastructure and building. McMahon industrial works include:

  • Vacuum loading
  • Liquid waste removal
  • Hydro excavation / Non Destructive Digging
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Environmental remediation
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Hydro demolition
  • Emergency response – fire/water damage, clean-ups


Shutdown & ongoing industrial maintenance work

McMahon Services covers the complete scope of industrial services from the initial construction, to the ongoing industrial maintenance work and shutdown management. With extensive experience in delivering long-term maintenance contracts, we work with our customers to ensure optimal plant productivity through effective industrial site maintenance planning and management.

We have also conducted the shutdown management of plants, including multi-disciplined activities such as plant decommissioning, demolition, asbestos removal, high pressure cleaning, vacuum recovery, remediation, recycling and site preparation ready for redevelopment.

Emergency Response 1

Our Industrial Services division operates a vast fleet of self-contained wet vacuum unit trucks capable of cleaning industrial and commercial sites anywhere in Australia. We can safely and effectively remove sludge, hazardous materials and loose debris from your industrial site.

Truck capacity is between 1,000L and 10,000L with air intake volume between 1,500 CFM and 3,000 CFM. We also offer gully sucker units designed to take up wet waste, mud and sludge from hollows below drains and street gutters.

Our fleet includes VecLoader HEPA VAC 522 Magnums designed to vacuum any material – liquid, slurry or solid with a 2,000 CFM suction capacity.. Hoses can run up to 100m into a work area allowing cleaning on higher than ground level floors, in basements and areas inaccessible to vehicles.

The insulation is drawn into the VecLoader’s Cyclone Separator where it is sprayed with water to promote clumping, trapping, and then discharge directly into plastic waste collection bags that are then sealed for disposal.

Air exiting the separator passes through a nuclear-grade HEPA filter before being exhausted to the atmosphere.

VecLoader HEPA VAC (2)

Our fleet of specialised vehicles are fully equipped to safely collect, transport and dispose of aqueous and sludge waste materials.

We are licenced by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to receive and treat highly contaminated waste and have numerous arrangements in place with various EPA approved waste receiving sites across Australia.

Hazardous waste removal and disposal includes aqueous and sludge materials containing PCBs, mercury, lead, chemicals, hydrocarbons, acid sulphate soils, radioactive waste, hexavalent chromium and biological hazards.

Exposed acid sulphate soils

We offer industrial site environmental remediation services including the treatment of contaminated soil, sludges and liquid waste, stockpile management and material tracking, repository construction and capping, hydroseeding, revegetation and landscaping, and odour, dust, noise and vibration monitoring and control.

We provide turn-key treatment services for the environmental remediation market. Our team is comprised of PhD level scientists and senior engineers with a wealth of experience and practical hands on ability within the contaminated land and hazardous waste fields. Our in-house laboratory and engineering workshops enable us to continually deliver practical and cost effective turn-key solutions for our clients.

Reterra G-Mode 2

Industrial Services offers emergency response capabilities for hazardous material containment, fuel and roof leaks, fire, storm and water damage, and risk management.

Our immediate response procedures ensure we arrive on site as soon as possible to assess damage and tackle the tasks at hand. We can mobilise teams anywhere in Australia enabling us to respond to most incidents within 2 hours with an average resolution time of less than 4 hours. Your safety is our top concern, so we strive to minimise your exposure to any risks during this time.

Edith river derailment

Our team of experts can use abrasive cleaning to keep your site and equipment in their peak condition. We use a range or mild, moderate and strong abrasive cleaning materials matched against the Brinell hardness scale of the material being cleaned, thus minimising the risk of abrading.

We are specialists in the treatment and management of hazardous substances and controlling airborne respiratory risk.

We offer best practice solutions for the protection of workplace respiratory health. Many decades of experience dealing with Asbestos contaminated environments has honed management practices in related fields such as Mould Contamination in the environment.

Mould Cleaning and remediation (1)

We have the licences, qualified personnel, plant and equipment to safely and securely collect, transport and store or dispose of most types and classifications of industrial chemicals.

Chemical manifest checklists ensure chemicals are recorded against their appropriate Dangerous Goods Class, colour-coded to identify their different classifications, and packaged appropriately to ensure safe transportation.

Chemicals are always cross-referenced for appropriate segregation thus eliminating the risks of volatile reactions if two classes of chemicals come into contact with each other.

enviro rem

To minimise your environmental and community effect, we offer non-destructive digging services, also known as hydro excavation. Our hydro excavation units eliminate the risks of damaging underground services such as gas, water and sewer mains, optic fibre, power and telecommunications with use of tools such as jackhammers and drills.

High-pressured water jets create a water-soil slurry while industrial strength vacuuming simultaneously evacuates the slurry quickly and safely, exposing and identifying the location of services.

Our hydro excavation units feature 3,000 CFM liquid ring pump, a 23L/min hydro excavation pump with a 1,800L stainless steel water storage tank and 10,000L slurry tank. Because units can be positioned away from the excavation sites due to the length of operating hoses, work site congestion and traffic management restrictions are significantly reduced.

McMahon Industrial vacuum recovery unit

McMahon Services offers transformer oil testing to detect low oil dielectric strength and high moisture content, and if these values are outside the recommended operating ranges, we can filter or replace oil and clean inside the transformer.

Our industrial cleaning services are diverse and adaptable to a variety of industrial site conditions and infrastructure. Our stringent safety procedures take into account the risks of cleaning around heavy machinery, lubricants, paint, fiberglass and metal shavings, and assess for hot work areas, operational plant and confined space risks.

We also understand that industrial sites become dirty quickly and often require constant, around the clock cleaning regimes to ensure safe operations and maintenance of industrial sites, and we offer ongoing maintenance contracts for various clients across Australia.


The Industrial Services division is supported by a fleet of specialised plant and equipment including wet vacuum trucks, HEPA vacuum trucks, high pressure hot and cold units, excavators, bin trucks, elevated work platforms, scissor lifts and skid steer loaders.

We also offer clients full enclosed and lockable asbestos waste bins 2m3 to 20m3 for the collection of asbestos waste on industrial and resource sites. Multiple site collection services are undertaken periodically using Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and Dangerous Goods approved transport vehicles. EPA waste tracking documentation is completed and provided for all temporary storage, transport and disposal activities.

We operate $140 million in plant and equipment across Australia:

  • Dozers
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Rollers
  • Loaders
  • Dump
  • Trucks
  • Batching plants
  • Service trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Soil blending machines
  • Prime movers
  • Hook lift bin trucks
  • Low loaders
  • Semi tippers
  • Cranes

As a leading industrial service provider, we invest in up-to-date and modern technology that you can rely on.


Industrial services management systems

To ensure consistent quality and a streamlined approach, all project and service lines operate under our McMahon Services management system which is certified to the Federal Safety Commission Scheme, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. 

We’re dedicated to providing quality industrial services from start to finish for clients across the nation.

Do you require industrial services on your project? Contact the expert team at McMahon Services to assist you with safe, cost-effective and innovative industrial services and advice.
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