We strive to achieve innovation across all facets of our business.

Surpassing industry standards and challenging what is perceived as ‘normal’ is something that is deeply embedded into the culture of our business. We approach each and every project with the intention of finding safer, more cost effective and value added solutions for our clients.

It could be the execution of a unique methodology, implementation of a new product or the purchase and utilisation of groundbreaking equipment, McMahon Services are constantly challenging ourselves and finding ways to drive innovation. If something reduces or eliminates the potential for someone getting hurt, or provides program efficiency, we will be strongly considering it.

Testament to our hard work and determination, McMahon Services has been recognised by the industry and our peers for innovation and best practice, and we will continue to reach for new heights.

Safe and Efficient Walkway System

Designed and purpose built for the Adelaide Aquatic Centre project, this 30m access walkway system allowed staff to access the roof during reinstatement works. A lifting spreader beam was  manufactured to raise the walkway into position and pick up the new 32m long Dampalon and metal roof sheets.

Land Plane and 3D Grade Control Technology

Tractor - Scraper System (1)

Demonstrating innovation at its best, McMahon Services has refined its excavation methods through the use of a land plane equipped with GNSS infrastructure and Trimble Site Vision Grade Control software on several projects, minimising the need for the traditional method of excavator and trucks.

Aimed at delivering a more timely and accurate excavation and backfill process, this technology maximises machine productivity through 3D grade control, with design information and live cut/fill indication displayed in real time in the cab, allowing excavation and grading to be done without the use of timber stakes.

Design drawings from sites with varying soils, elevations and grades are often difficult for site engineers and machine operators to convert into a physical reality, so the new technology provides a smart solution, which minimises time delays and cost blowouts.

McMahon Services received the 2012 CCF Earth Award for Category 2 for a commitment to innovation and industry best practice, using the landplane and grade control technology to transform the former SA Water Thebarton maintenance depot into a community parkland.

More details on the Land Plane

Mobile Concrete Batching

McMahon Services is able to produce certifiable concrete in any location across Australia. The Fiori DB 460 CBV Mobile Concrete Batching Plant eliminates the need for batching plants and concrete trucks on site, and provides an output capacity of 12-16m3 p.h. The units comes with a bag splitter and hopper, conveyor hopper for 20kg bags, water tanks, and admixture tanks and pumps. The unit is also supported by our bobcat mounted concrete pump, Manitou and forklifts, and a wide range of tipper for raw material deliveries. The machine also has the ability to print dockets for all loads.

McMahon Services provides a full service, including:

  • Float transportation
  • Transport permits and escort services
  • Highly experienced operators
  • Servicing and maintenance – including mobile site service trucks


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mobile batching plant 2

Revolutionary Reterra G-Mode BZ210-1

Reterra G-Mode 2

McMahon Services owns two of only a handful of these mobile soil blending machines in Australia. The Komatsu Reterra G-Mode had set a new benchmark in the treatment of contaminated soil, ensuring fast and accurate blending to both neutralise and stabilise the material. The G-Mode model can handle heavy marine sediments and accurately doses with a wide range of reagents. It is also a trusted solution for the treatment of acid sulphate soils.

The machine ensures the production of high quality recycled soil through a three stage mixing process, with a dramatically increased production and soil improvement efficiency.

To maximise the machine’s capability, McMahon Services has engineered an external feed hopper and conveyor system that can be added to dose higher ratios of reagents, making the Reterra ideal for any project size.  Most recently, the machine has successfully treated 50,000m3 of acid sulphate soils at The Narrows Crossing as part of Bechtel’s LNG facility development in Gladstone, with ‘zero defects’ recorded.

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