Groundwater Treatment

We deliver practical and cost effective treatment solutions for groundwater and vapour contamination.

Groundwater Treatment Solutions – a new business unit of McMahon Services, complements the wide range of existing environmental services provided by us, and offers our clients a complete solution for site remediation.

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Our team of engineers and scientists have extensive experience in treatment of a wide variety of contaminants in a range of different environments.

We have the specialised equipment, engineering workshops and in-house laboratory facilities to enable turn-key treatment services. We will identify your treatment needs and provide a practical solution that is tailored to meet required remediation goals, budget and time frame.

Our experience spans across a wide variety of industry sectors including petroleum, mining and resources, industrial and manufacturing, maritime, building and construction and agricultural.

  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation Solutions
  • Vapour Treatment and Management Solutions
  • Construction Solutions (Soil and Water Management)
  • Site Management Solutions (Risk Management / Risk Minimisation)
  • Industrial Services Solutions (Waste Streams)

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Groundwater Treatment Solutions work collaboratively with our clients to provide water and vapour treatment, containment and management solutions.

Our approach to delivering a complete range of practical and cost effective services includes:

Developing A Solution
  • Site and feasibility assessment
  • Water sampling and lab analysis
  • Pilot trials – on site or lab scale
  • Existing plant optimisation reviews
  • Detailed design – process control, piping, electrical, telemetry, hazardous areas, discharge requirements, reagent requirements, application plans
  • Risk based and statutory closure plans.



Treatment Solutions
  • In-situ chemical oxidation or
  • Multi-phase extraction (mobile and
  • Soil vapour extraction;
  • Bioremediation;
  • Chemical fixation;
  • Neutralisation (PASS/ASS);
  • Suspended solids and sediment
  • Air sparging;
  • Ion exchange;
  • Reverse osmosis;
  • Permeable reactive barriers;
  • Flocculation / precipitation.
Installation and Operation
  • Plant installation – system
    installation, piping installation,
    services connection;
  • Maintenance – equipment servicing;
  • Trade waste agreements;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • System optimisation.




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Groundwater Treatment Solutions have the combined resources to provide a complete treatment solution from highly experienced personnel, in-house laboratory facilities, engineering workshops and state of the art treatment systems and equipment.

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Specialised Team

Groundwater Treatment Solutions have formed a team of industry professionals with the in-depth knowledge, diverse skillsets and relevant experience to provide a complete treatment solution for the most complex groundwater and soil vapour contaminated sites.

Our team of engineers and scientists have extensive experience in the treatment of a wide variety of contaminants in a range of different environments, working together with our site personnel to deliver guaranteed outcomes for our clients.

Groundwater Treatment Solutions can undertake projects anywhere in Australia and the South Pacific utilising our network of equipment, offices and support staff.

Our personnel have undertaken work for clients such as Exxon Mobil, Rio Tinto, Transport and Main Roads – QLD, Energex, 7-11, Arrium, Department of Defence, Environment and Heritage Protection – QLD, ANZ Bank, Queensland Rail, BP, Caltex, Freedom Fuels Australia, Shell (Viva), and a range of building and construction firms.

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Do you have groundwater issues on your project? Contact the expert team at McMahon Services to assist you with cost effective management solutions.  

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