VecLoader HEPA VAC

Resource Overview

The VecLoader HEPA VAC 522 Magnum provides a premium vacuum solution.
The powerful vacuum system is ideal for emergency response / spill recovery, site remediation, surface preparation, utilities, chemicals / petrochemicals, primary metals / minerals processing and hazardous waste remediation works.

  • filtration process for optimal waste management and safety
  • Maximum vacuum performance with 102 horsepower diesel engine and 12,000ft suction capacity per minute
  • Ideal for high-rise buildings through to confined spaces and crawl areas
  • Single or multiple hose functionality
  • Self-contained and easily transportable unit Hose can run up to 500ft into the work area
  • Capable of multi-disposable options from bagging to large tippers
  • Handles wet or dry waste, including asbestos and other contaminated solids, slurries, powders and liquids


  • Name: VecLoader HEPA VAC
  • Type: HEPA VAC
  • Manufacturer: Various
  • Model: 522 Magnum
  • Capacity / Size:
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