SAHMRI Chemical Relocation

Project Overview

Relocating chemicals to the largest bio-medical precinct in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Industrial Services Division at McMahon Services was contracted to relocate chemicals from three operational laboratories to the new state-of-the-art South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) building – the largest bio-medical precinct in the Southern Hemisphere.

The chemicals were transported from three different Departments including the Cancer Theme, Women & Children’s Hospital and the Heart Health Theme.

The first step was to visit each laboratory and develop a Chemical Manifest Checklist to identify the chemicals requiring transportation and segregating them into their Dangerous Goods Class – the checklists were then colour coded to clearly identify the different classifications.

The chemicals were then packaged according to their Class – as the different chemical classes could not be transported together. Traffic routes were then mapped out between the laboratories and the new building. Once on site, the team carefully unloaded and delivered the secured boxes to the correct level and laboratory.

To ensure that the chemicals were transported to the highest safety standards, polystyrene boxes were used and filled with polystyrene pebbles and then packed into wooden stillage crates for secure loading.

The client commended the team from McMahon Services for delivering the project on time and with professionalism.

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