Super Sheds 1 and 2 Roofing and Scaffolding Works

Project Overview

Incitec Pivot is a global diversified industrial chemicals company. Their fertiliser business is the largest in Australia and dispatches two million tonnes each year for the use in Australian grain, cotton, pasture, diary, sugar and horticulture industries. Incitec Pivot Limited’s North Shore Geelong facility produces superphosphates, the most commonly used fertiliser for improving pastures. The facility includes a superphosphate manufacturing plant, fertiliser blends storage and dispatch centre, liquid fertiliser blending plant, fluorosillcic acid manufacturing plant, storage and dispatch, sulphuric acid storage and dispatch, and a production chemical testing laboratory.

Scope of Work

Works included the removal and installation of 26,000m2 of new roof cladding, gallery roof and wall cladding. Additional works included the replacement of existing damaged deteriorated purlins, a full-length skylight using translucent sheeting ran from the ridge to the gutter line with a 60ft boom lift providing additional access to the structure, and supporting the roofing and cladding removal and replacement process.

All roof sections were removed by a crane with a drop box utilising 100t and 200t cranes. Two work crews installed roofing and cladding using hand tools and battery drills. Crews ensured that at the end of each work day no section of the roof was ever left uncovered. Safety mesh and harnesses protected crews from the risks of working at heights on the 35° pitch roof.

Roof and wall sheeting consisted of 0.48 Zincalume Custom Orb and Ampelite Webglas GC, with opal translucent skylights in Custom Orb profile to match Zincalume roof sheeting. Flashing installation works ensured a watertight roof system.

Stormwater upgrade works included 500m of new gutters and 150mm and 300mm PVC flying downpipes. Protective coatings were applied to all protective purlins before reinstatement to form a liquid membrane. Stainless safety mesh was fitted to the roof.

Scaffolding Works

A major challenge on the project was the erection of scaffolding between the two Super Sheds in a width of only 1.4m between sheds. Complicating the scaffolding erection was that one roof was higher than the other requiring the installation of two access platforms, one on top of the other. All scaffolding materials had to be brought in by hand and erected as there was no access for cranes or other support equipment.

Scaffolding had to be staged working around operational requirements of the fertiliser plant. Therefore, a full time scaffolding crew remained on site at all times erecting and dismantling sections of the scaffolds to meeting client operational requirements and the roof team’s delivery program. The scaffolding was constructed along the length of the two 322m long buildings to a height of 19.5m.

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