General Manager - Strategic Customers & Project Development

Chris is a highly experienced Manager / Project Director with more than 25 years industry experience.

Chris joined McMahon Services in 2014 after five years as Engineering Manager at Lend Lease South Australia, formerly Baulderstone, and eight years with Thiess, working both nationally and internationally.

Chris has been instrumental in establishing the Engineering and Construction Management business within McMahon Services. As Executive General Manager of McMahon Services’ Engineering and Construction Management business unit, Chris’s role includes the ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day running of the operations.

This includes management and development, overall responsibility in project delivery, budgeting, program scheduling and management, WHSEQ compliance, design management, tender preparations, plant and equipment resourcing / control, team development and training.

Chris hosts numerous strengths and qualifications that have helped him excel in his career. He is well articulated with client relations, project and operations management, business development and full project delivery as well as boasting a Diploma in Engineering, an Advanced Diploma in Project Management.

With the development of ‘McMahon Services Events’, Temporary Events Infrastructure in 2016, Chris was appointed as National Manager. Offering a streamlined solution to temporary grandstand infrastructure including in-house design, engineering, supply, transport and on-site installation.