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McMahon Services owns two of only a handful of these machines in Australia.

This revolutionary machine ensures the production of high quality recycled soil through a three-stage mixing process.

Demonstrating innovation at its best, McMahon Services can add an external feed hopper and conveyor system to dose high ratios of reagents, making the RETERRA G-Mode the ideal solution for projects of any size.

  • Mobile soil conditioner
  • Fast and accurate blending to both neutralise and stabilise contaminated soils
  • Trusted solution for the treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS)
  • Handles heavy marine sediments and accurately doses a wide range of reagents
  • Dramatically increased production and soil improvement efficiency
  • Dust-free and noise-free functions
  • High quality mixing capability featuring 4 modes
  • On-board computer controlled from the ground
  • Capacity range: Maximum Speed – 150m3 p.h. – Minimum Speed – 40m3 p.h.
  • Additive Rate – 0-400kg per m3



  • Name: Reterra G-Mode
  • Type: Soil Blending Machine
  • Manufacturer: Komatsu
  • Model: BZ210-1
  • Capacity / Size:
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