PistenBully 600 SCR

Resource Overview

The PistenBully 600 SCR is equipped with full thrust thanks to an engine with more torque and more powerful hydraulics.

The innovative machine was procured for the Port Augusta Power Station, Ash Dam Rehabilitation Project, completing the final trim for a 150mm soil layer over 273 Ha of soft ash sediments.

The PB is an extreme low ground pressure bulldozer which weighs 10.8 tonne with the winch and 8.5 tonne without, and has a ground pressure of around 5.5 kpa, being the best class in a bulldozer with a capacity 420 HP and 2,000 NM of torque. The low ground pressure capability of the PB is ideal for the very soft saturated ash sediments found at the Ash Storage Area.

The PB is ideal for areas requiring low ground pressures such as saturated sediments or low lying swampy areas. It has been fitted with machine guided GPS capabilities with connectivity to Visionlink. The air filter housing and air intake has been modified and a pre-cleaner has been fitted to facilitate working within high dust environments.

An aftermarket Red Dot roof top air conditioner has been installed to the cabin of the PB and conduits under the cabin have been sealed to facilitate operation and earthworks within regions with warm to hot climates.


  • Name: PistenBully 600 SCR
  • Type: Bulldozer
  • Manufacturer: PistenBully
  • Model: 600 SCR
  • Capacity / Size: 10.8 tonne

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