ALDI Distribution Centre Bulk Earthworks

Project Overview

ALDI, the discount supermarket giant recently expanded to Adelaide, constructing a new Distribution Centre in Regency Park encompassing 30,000m2. The Distribution Centre will include ambient and temperature controlled spaces, ancillary buildings, associated hardstand areas and office. The eight hectare site will act as the hub of ALDI’s South Australian region, and will have the ability to service up to 50 stores.

McMahon Services were engaged by the main contractor BADGE to undertake all of the bulk civil earthworks at the site, including building pad preparation and road and car park construction.

The extensive project scope included elements of the following:

  • Bulk Earthworks:
  • Strip and grubb entire eight ha site and dispose of stripped material;
  • Strip and stock pile top soil;
  • Dispose of over 4,000 tonne of concrete, bricks and ballast that was discovered in stock piles on the
  • site;
  • Bulk cut to fill under level two supervision utilising site won material as fill, reaching bulk earthworks
  • totalling 30,000m2 cut and fill 15,000m3;
  • Construction of temporary ramps for piling rig, including removal on completion;
  • Bulk excavation and fill front asphalt carpark, fire truck access road and Gallipoli Drive, under level one
  • supervision;
  • Re-spread 100mm of site won topsoil in all landscaped areas;
  • The surplus material from our bulk cut and fill was environmentally certified for disposal and disposed off-site.

Warehouse Building Pad Preparation:

  • Proof roll subgrade prior to filling;
  • Supply and place 130mm layer of PM2/20 over 30,000m2;
  • Suply, place and compact 30,000m2 of WG80 geofabric material to the extent of the warehouse
  • building pad;
  • Supply, place and compact 130mm layer of PM1220 RM/QG capping layer to underside of slab over
  • 30,000m2;
  • Provide set downs to freezer slab and edge thickenings;
  • Provide battering as required.

Heavy Duty Concrete Pavement:

  • Re-trim floor area prior to placement of concrete floors as required;
  • Remove existing fill material as required;
  • Compact sub-grade to 95% MMDD compaction;
  • Supply and place 150mm PM1/20 CBR 45 to 98% MMDD compaction;
  • Install kerbing.
  • Car Park Asphalt Pavement:
  • Remove existing fill material as required;
  • Compact sub-grade to 95% MMDD compaction;
  • Provide build up with select fill to 98% MMDD compaction;
  • Supply and place 200mm PM2/20 RG, compact to 98% MMDD
  • Supply and place 150mm PM1/20 QG, compact to 98% MMDD;
  • Supply and place AC10 30mm wearing course.

Car Park Works:

  • Barrier kerb as detailed;
  • Barrier kerb with breakout on West side of car park;
  • All line marking associated with car park;
  • Construction of 15 pram ramps including tactiles;
  • Prepare base for concrete works around electrical transformer area.

The soft subgrade created a major issue for both McMahon Services and BADGE, with the teams working collaboratively by undertaking multiple trial areas to determine the best, most cost effective soft spot treatment. The overall method adopted meant that approximately 6,000 tonne of 75mm ballast had to be imported, with an additional approximately 14,000 tonne of rubble being placed to bridge the soft spots.

This additional work was completed within the original project timeline, whilst working around multiple trades. The project hosted avery tight schedule, which required extensive pre-planning of materials, trades and personnel. McMahon Services were the first contractors on-site and were also the last, finishing off the line marking required in the car parks.

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