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World Demolition Awards

McMahon Services is pleased to announce that in collaboration with Flinders Power and Precision Demolition, we were shortlisted for this year’s World Demolition Award for the Augusta Power Stations Decommissioning project in the ‘Collaboration in Demolition’ category.

The project committed 330,000 work hours with only one variation in the two years due to unforeseen asbestos. The use of the world’s largest demolition excavator significantly reduced the risks of manual demolition crews working inside the plant. Thirty-five local employees were engaged on the project and still work for McMahon Services today. Project key performance lead and lag indicators for health, safety, environmental and quality control were met or exceeded.

The World Demolition Awards are presented by Demolition & Recycling International magazine in co-operation with the European Demolition Association and with the support of the National Demolition Association of the United States. This year’s event was held in Dublin, Ireland on 8th November 2018 and was attended by key personnel from the project. Whilst we didn’t win the award, we are extremely proud of being shortlisted and having the chance to attend and meet
with demolition industry companies from around the globe.