Successful felling of Playford B Chimney at Augusta Power Station

At 9am this morning, McMahon Services in partnership with Precision Demolition, successfully completed the explosive charge felling of the 80m high Playford B concrete and brick chimney at the Augusta Power stations.

The explosive charges were positioned in accordance with detailed engineering design to weaken the base of the stack, enabling a highly controlled fall in a designated zone.

There were no dust or weather related issues during this morning’s operation.

McMahon Services Managing Director, David McMahon, was present on site and said, “This was our seventh charge felling event on the project. Once again the team has done an incredible job in planning and executing a major milestone, ensuring the felling was delivered safely, as designed and on schedule.”

Please note, the stack felled this morning was NOT the iconic 200m high Northern stack, which remains on schedule for demolition later this year.