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Health & Safety Update

The Construction Industry is fraught with risk and the potential for serious harm, and it considered to be one of the most hazardous industries in Australia.

As an operator in the construction industry, McMahon Services takes the safety risks to our work seriously. We therefore operate a dedicated Work Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (WHSEQ) Team to ensure that every task we undertake is completed in the safest possible way.

While safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company, the WHSEQ Team ensures that our workforce has access to the latest work health and safety information, tools, procedures and practices.

One of the team’s major achievements in 2018 was obtaining national environmental and quality management systems certification to the new ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015 standards, bringing the company up to date with legislative requirements.

Another safety achievement was the first stages implement development of a new WHSEQ Performance Management System, a scorecard management system that will track individual business groups performance in health, safety, environmental and quality tasks, rated from base compliance to world’s industry best practice. It will be an evidence-based system that will be easily measurable to ensure we meet all legislative, industry, client and company requirements. The system will be subject to data analysis to identify trends and align work activities with company objectives.

Two new recruits joined WHSEQ Manager Craig Rutjens, WHSEQ Site Manager Tim Cotton and WHSEQ Advisor James Stockdale in 2018 to assist with the team’s evergrowing workload. Return to Work Manager Mel Milosevic became the company’s contact with respect to return to work issues and incidents as they occur, and to ensure they are correctly guided and mitigated as appropriate. Graduate Safety Advisor Poshia Sulaimany assists with the maintenance of the management system, meeting our accreditation requirements, researching legislation and performing auditing.