PC1250 Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator

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McMahon Services is a height above the rest with the welcomed addition of its $3 million Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator. This purpose built machine is the only one of its kind in Australia. Weighing 160 tonnes, this machine has a reach of up to 45 metres and can deconstruct buildings up to 15 storeys tall from ground level.

Fitted with the specialised Long Reach Boom, the PC1250 Excavator can undertake specialist dredging and long reach excavation works such as dam construction, levee embankment construction, tailings dam maintenance and levees.

In standard configuration the PC1250 operates as an equivalent factory direct excavator, capable of delivering large-scale bulk earthworks.
This impressive piece of machinery complements our existing 27 metre High Reach Excavator and extensive fleet of scrap and demolition plant.

  • Largest and only one of its kind in Australia
  • Purpose built Long Reach Boom fabricated in the United States
  • Weighs 160t with a reach of up to 45m
  • Operates with attachments up to 2.6t
  • Precision cutting
  • Cuts steel and concrete members up to 1m thick
  • Enhanced stability features include the PC1250 LC-8 long car body under carriage, additional 20t counter weights and electronic out of radius emergency shutdown system
  • Observation system with boom mounted video camera and monitor in cab
  • Safe. Cost Effective. Efficient.



  • Name: PC1250 Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator
  • Type: Excavator
  • Manufacturer: Komatsu
  • Model: PC1250
  • Capacity / Size: 125 tonne
Do you require a specialised demolition excavator, the only one of its kind in Australia, for your next project? Contact the team at McMahon Services to assist you with your project delivery and equipment hire options.

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