Remote Access Hydro-Excavation Unit

Resource Overview

The Remote Access Hydro-Excavation Unit provides a vacuum recovery solution for locations that are difficult to access with larger traditional industrial vacuum units.

The smaller compact Vermeer unit is mounted on a four-wheel drive Isuzu truck enabling remote access on unsealed roads and undulating ground.

The unit provides an innovative solution for locating and excavating around underground services. Hydro-excavation eliminates the risk of damaging underground services such as gas, water, and sewer mains, optical fibre, power and telecommunications.

Key features of the Unit also include sludge removal and cold high-pressure cleaning. Easily transportable and self containing, the Unit is ideally geared for emergency response work.

  • 600cfm blower
  • 3,000psi (350bar), 21 L/min hydro-excavation pump
  • 1,000L interceptor
  • Auto-in tank clean out
  • 800L self filling water truck
  • 2,000L water trailer
  • 4×4 truck mounted unit
  • Fully opening rear door


  • Name: Remote Access Hydro-Excavation Unit
  • Type: Hydro-Excavation Unit
  • Manufacturer: Vermeer
  • Model: V250
  • Capacity / Size:
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