PC850 Hydraulic Excavator

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McMahon Services have a considerable fleet of specialised demolition machinery ranging from 22 tonne through to 150 tonne. These machines can be fitted with a number of precision demolition attachments including:

  • Ultra high reach boom, which is used for its controlled deconstruction techniques and capacity to reach up to 15 story’s high from ground level
  • Heavy duty demolition boom with donger attachment
  • Cutter crusher demolition shears capable of cutting concrete structures or steel members up to the thickness of 400mm
  • High volume scrap processing shears capable of cutting steel up to 70mm thick
  • Waste handling grapples and buckets
  • High impact hydraulic breakers

The PC850 weighs 110 tonnes and boasts an impressive 8 tonne shear. The fuel efficient engine delivers a low cost per tonne for the productivity demanded. It incorporates the latest technology and ergonomics whilst delivering low operating costs over sustained operational periods.

The PC850 delivers high productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency.


  • Name: PC850 Hydraulic Excavator
  • Type: Excavator
  • Manufacturer: Komatsu
  • Model: PC850-8E0
  • Capacity / Size: 80 tonne
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