Company Profiles

  • Capability statement cover
    McMahon Services
  • Intract Australia brochure cover
    Intract Australia
  • GTS capability statement cover
    Groundwater Treatment Solutions
  • Ballestrin Construction
  • Asurco Roofing and Cladding


  • Summer 2022/23
  • The Works 2021/22 magazine cover
    Summer 2021/22
  • Summer 2020/21
  • The Works Summer 2019/2020
    Summer 2019/20
  • the works cover summer 2018-19
    Summer 2018/19
  • The Works cover
    Summer 2018
  • The Works brochure cover Nov 2016
    Summer 2016
  • The Works brochure cover
    Winter 2016
  • The Works brochure cover Dec 2015
    Summer 2015
  • The Works brochure cover Autumn 2013
    Autumn 2013
  • The Works brochure cover Autumn 2012
    Autumn 2012
  • The Works brochure cover Winter 2012
    Winter 2012

Service Brochures

  • Roofing and cladding brochure cover
    Roofing and Cladding
  • Industrial services brochure
    Industrial Services
  • Asbestos and hazardous waste removal
    Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Demolition and decommissioning cover
    Demolition and Decommissioning
  • Civil engineering brochure
    Civil Construction
  • Building services brochure cover
    Building Services
  • Emergency response service brochure cover
    Emergency Response
  • Environmental remediation brochure cover
    Environmental Remediation
  • Industrial resources constructuion brochure
    Industrial and Resources Construction
  • McMahon crane rigging services
    Crane and Rigging

General Fact Sheets

  • Asbestos contamined soil fact sheet cover
    Asbestos Contaminated Soil
  • Fact sheet on Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment
    Acid Sulphate Soils Treatment
  • Fact sheet on Drilling Mud Management
    Drilling Mud Management
  • Fact sheet on Environmental Treatment Services
    Environmental Treatment Services
  • Mould cleaning fact sheet
    Mould Cleaning & Remediation

Plant & Equipment Fact Sheets

  • Mobile concrete catching plant
    Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
  • Custom demolition attachments
    Custom Demolition Attachments
  • Powerscreen Warrior
    Powerscreen Warrior 1400 and 1800
  • Komatsu ReterraG
    Komatsu Reterra G-Mode
  • Compact Rotary Drill
    Compact Rotary Drill
  • Combination vacuum unit fact sheet
    Combination Vacuum Unit
  • Hydro excavation unit
    Hydro-Excavation Unit
  • Combination vacuum unit fact sheet
    Industrial Vacuum Unit
  • Remote access hydro excavation unit
    Remote Access Hydro- Excavation Unit
  • Tractor scraper system
    Land Plane (Tractor Scraper System)
  • High reach demolition excavator
    Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator
  • Vec Loader HEPA VAC truck
    VecLoader HEPA VAC