West End Brewery Waste Water Treatment Program

Project Overview

McMahon Services completed this project under their direct Construction Management contract with Lion to oversee all project works for the West End Brewery Hyde Park Project.

This particular project was managed under the Waste Water Treatment Program and specifically involved the installation of a Carbon Odour Extraction System and modification to existing Waste Water Collection Tank. Due to public complaints in relation to pungent odours escaping from the existing Waste Water Collection Tank, a suitable control mechanism was to be determined, sourced and installed.

McMahon Services worked collaboratively with the Head of Engineering at Lion to come up with an innovative solution to effectively eliminate the odour escaping. The result was modifying an existing solution implemented at one of Lion’s other brewery sites. The Carbon Odour Extraction System required the design, fabrication and installation of a steel lid that would sit above the existing water tank. Total Food Group were responsible for design, manufacture and installation of the lid and Odour Control Systems designed, manufactured and installed the extraction component.

Scope of Work:
In our role as Construction Manager, McMahon Services were responsible for the following:

  • Research potential control mechanisms.
  • Determine most suitable system and tender for supply of odour extraction installation.
  • Coordinate installation of concrete slab to house Odour extractor

Tender for design, construct and installation of the following:

  • Stainless steel lids for Trade Waste Tanks – 1 x 13m diameter and 1 x 3 meter diameter
  • 50m of stainless steel vent pipe.
  • Tank covers to seal against existing tank but not use tank as structural support.
  • Installation to occur during normal hours whilst Waste System was operating.
  • Award tender.
  • Monitor cover installation for compliance to drawing and safety.
  • Receive and install odour extractor.
  • Coordinate electrical connections.
  • Monitor vent pipe installation for compliance to drawing and safety.
  • Coordinate for system to appear in Lion’s operation system and test.
  • Commission system.
  • Hand over to client.

Challenges Faced:
The existing tank structure was not designed to support weight and therefore could not support the new lid structure. Additional structural bracing was required to ensure the lid was self-supported.  This involved the fabrication and installation of eight support posts that were fixed to the existing slab and connected to the rim of the lid ensuring a 25mm gap was created with a rubber material installed on the edge to provide a seal.

The Carbon Extraction System is the first system of this type to be installed in Lion’s brewery facilities in South Australia. The system is completely self-contained and runs 24 hours a day. To date, it has removed all notable traces of pungent odour since being commissioned and no further complaints have been received from the public.

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