West End Brewery Engine Room Façade Upgrade

Project Overview

McMahon Services were engaged by Lion Co to undertake the refurbishment of the West End Brewery Brewhouse and Engine Room façade along Port Road, Thebarton.

The Design and Construct project, under the Construction Management partnership between Lion Co and McMahon Services encompassed a scope of works which needed to be practically completed and integrated within the Brewhouse shutdown and upgrade works.

Arguably the biggest challenge of the Hyde Park Upgrade was the design and construction of the Brewhouse and Engine Room Façade upgrades. Facing the heavy traffic on Port Road, the site works were constantly under the watchful eye of the public with tens of thousands of cars passing by each day. The site works on the Port Road boundary also provided challenges with restricted access due to the location of the main entry into the brewery. High volumes of vehicles and large trucks had to enter the site through this main access driveway to pass through security. Traffic management was required throughout the works to safely manage incoming and outgoing traffic whilst also allowing site activities to continue.

McMahon Services worked closely with the project consultants and steering committee to develop the design which included the feature glass wall structure that revealed the internal brewhouse and engine room, highlighting the 77 year old kettle refurbished at our head office facility.

It was important for Lion to keep the refurbishment of the façade under wraps until it was ready to be unveiled, so McMahon Services constructed a completely enclosed scaffold system and wrapped the external surface with a life-size, 3D rendered image of the façade to illustrate what was being built behind the scaffold.

The visually impressive façade incorporates large 3000mm x 1500mm glass panels, alucabond cladding and recycled red bricks to reflect the heritage nature and history of the West End site.

Consideration and integration of the upcoming Shutdown was a driving factor in the construction process, as the Shutdown included structural roof modifications and bracing to facilitate the roof removal. Engineering considerations were given to safeguard against the possibility of the glazing cracking due to movement within the building. This included additional steel bracing to the main structural frame in a systematic process to accommodate our works.

The food grade environment also provided challenges on site as ongoing brewing operations continued, meaning internal and external scaffolding was carefully encapsulated in order to protect the existing brewhouse from external environmental elements.

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