West End Brewery Control Room Upgrade

Project Overview

McMahon Services completed this project under their direct Construction Management contract with Lion to oversee all project works for the West End Brewery Hyde Park Project.

This project involved the demolition of redundant legacy bar to make way for a new control room for the operations of brewing production. The new control room has been built into an existing internal space within the existing production building.

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition of redundant brick / freestanding bar (including cut and prop suspended concrete slab roof)
  • Relocation of existing services and make good adjoining buildings
  • Structural steel design, fabrication and installation
  • Cladding and linings installation
  • Design, supply and installation of all electrical, audio visual, air-conditioning, fire services (including sliding fire door) and trafficable access roof to accommodate services.

All works were conducted whilst keg packaging was being undertaken less than five metres away within the same building. Given that this is a food grade area, any dust or debris had to be strictly controlled by encapsulating the work area and completing the work out of hours where possible. The adjoining control room occupancy meant that noise also needed to be controlled and kept to a minimum.

Exact production requirements that related to data and communications specifications were not confirmed until the project was well underway. As such, flexibility to alter our works was a daily requirement. Internal sound requirements were established in-situ with the client and then designed accordingly. The appropriate materials were recommended, agreed, supplied and installed.

Ongoing budget management ensured that costs were very tightly controlled and ultimately delivered and designed to budget.

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