West End Brew House Water Tank Foundations

Project Overview

McMahon Services completed this project under their direct Construction Management contract with Lion to oversee all project works for the West End Brewery Hyde Park Project.

As part of the overall project and required upgrade works, five new Brew House Water Storage Tanks were to be installed incorporating extensive civil and concrete works. Completed in a four stage process, McMahonServices completed this project in a very tight access area with limited spacedue to surrounding infrastructure. Working around the existing infrastructure allowed the brewing production to continue throughout the project.

Stage one involved some minor demolition of redundant pump and pipe structures to make room for the first two German manufactured tanks and concrete foundations. Programming and collaboration with all project stakeholders was crucial in providing continuous brewery production, particularly Total Food Group who were responsible for the installation of the new tanks.

McMahon Services needed to ensure there were three water tanks working at all times throughout the project works reinforcing the need to stage the removal and replacement of the tanks.

Prior to excavation works commencing on the first two foundations, the soil was tested in accordance with new EPA legislation. The soil testing confirmed that there was contamination issues and soil was removed accordingly. A small three tonne excavator was utilised to remove the contaminated soil initially until access proved too difficult. McMahonServices’ Industrial division then mobilised a Vacuum Recovery Unit to site toundertake hydro excavation to remove the remaining contaminated soil.

Once sign-off had been provided that the areawas clear of contaminated material, SA Slabs were able to commence the formwork construction for the new foundations. The 1.5m deep foundations incorporated 700mm high circular plinths with a 2% slope and a +- 2mm tolerance to accommodate requirements of the new tanks. A third party surveyor  provided clearance on the footings prior to Total Food Group installing the first two tanks. Once the first two tanks were commissioned and tested, the next three stages were undertaken in the same process as stage one.

Lion was extremely happy with the innovative methods used to complete the works in such a confined space without disrupting brewing operations. The collaborative effort amongst all involved was key to providing an incident free project.

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