TasPaper Decontamination & Demolition

Project Overview

Removal of contaminates and demolition of Cell House and TasPaper buildings.

McMahon Services’ asbestos and demolition team have worked on a number of projects in Tasmania for environmental remediation company, Virotec. The projects have involved demolishing and decontaminating buildings in Wesley Vale and Burnie.

The first project involved the removal of asbestos and mercury from the Cell House and TasPaper buildings in Wesley Vale before they were demolished.

The corrugated asbestos cement roofing sheets was removed and then the remaining building demolished. A tank was also demolished, by first solidifying the remaining liquid by adding lime and concrete powder.

All demolished materials, including concrete bricks and combustibles were placed into 20 foot containers lined with plastic. These containers were transported to Brisbane to be treated by Virotec, removing or reducing the mercury levels of the materials, preparing them for land fill.

Special care was taken to ensure personnel were well protected from potential vapours from the mercury contamination.

Workplace Standards Tasmania was very pleased with the professionalism of McMahon Services’ staff and the success of the decontamination process.

McMahon Services moved to following projects including the removal of 90 concrete slabs buried beneath a car park in Burnie.

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