Sid Cole Building Asbestos Roof Removal and Replacement

Project Overview

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing is an Australian and New Zealand plant-based food company founded in 1898. Their product range include breakfast cereals, yeast spreads, peanut butter, protein blends, soy, almond and coconut milks, and liquid breakfasts. Sanitarium operate factories in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.

Sanitarium’s 850m² office building at Cooranbong, New South Wales is known as the Sid Cole Building. When it was discovered that friable asbestos was present in the insulated roof cavity, Sanitarium approached McMahon Services requesting a scoped proposal. They ultimately awarded the contract to McMahon Services to remove all asbestos from the building and reinstall a new PIR insulated roof. Sanitarium took the opportunity of the asbestos remediation works to upgrade the building’s roof, drainage and air-conditioning systems.

Scope of Work

The project scope of works included encapsulation of the building, demolition of the existing roof, ceiling and insulation, design and construct a new roof system, and the design and install a new compliant air-conditioning system.

Challenges facing the project were maintaining segregation from the adjoining pilot plant as it remained in operation through the duration of the project, working within an operating site that had that had its own specific access and operational requirements, and maintaining the integrity of the building’s weather proof system throughout the various stages to protect internal fit out of the office and pilot plant.

Over 1000m² of scaffolding was required for encapsulation allowing for asbestos removal and weather protection. Asbestos containing materials included iron and timber impacted roofing and structures, ceiling insulation, tiles and lining. Other works included roof space cleaning, air conditioning decommissioning and removal, installation of a new timber roof structure, 900m² of roof replacement and associated flashings, 700m² of ceiling replacement, and the installation of new stainless-steel gutters and downpipes.

The project team proposed a PIR insulated roof design for the works which was readily taken up by Sanitariuim. The PIR option provided insulation and soundproofing in one product removing the need to install separate ceiling insulation. Program gains were achieved and the entire roof was sheeted in only three days.

Minor variation works added to the scope of works as the project progressed included replacing fascia panels, extending balustrades, fixing and extending decking, extending drainage systems, replacing carpets and painting.

A new compliant air conditioning system was introduced to the building that filtered fresh air, pressurised the building interior and utilised modern heat recovery technology for energy efficiency.

Plant and equipment utilised on the project included a crane for three days to lift roof sheets and timber onto the roof structure, a separate crane to lift two structural steel platforms into place for the mounting of air-conditioning units, a forklift and two scissor lifts. Workforce peaked at 20 personnel who completed 20,000 workhours with incurring any safety or environmental incidents.

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