Ridley Corporation Design & Construct of Premix Shed & Associated Works

Project Overview

Ridley Corporation is Australia’s leading supplier of animal feed, producing a range of animal nutrition products for the beef, dairy, pig, poultry, horse, sheep, pet and aquaculture industries.

McMahon Services were engaged by Ridley Corporation for the design and construction of a premix shed, bunded liquid storage area and concrete works associated with the shed construction, for the Ridley Corporation Wasleys Feedmill, after it was damaged in the devastating 2015 Pinery Fires.

The scope of works included the following:

  • Design management;
  • Civil and pad preparation;
  • Concrete footings, pavement, bund walls, slabs and roadways;
  • Structural steel roofing and cladding;
  • Fire system installation.

The liquid storage bund area needed to be designed to hold tanks storing various liquids up to 6.5m high.

A concrete apron fitted with an awning that needed to extend out to the North of the bunded area was installed, for the transfer of liquids to the tanks in all weather conditions. Drainage and sump was also included in the design and construction.

Construction detailing for the bund / wall junction required special architectural details to prevent dust and vermin from entering the building / bund.

Following the Pinery fires, Ridley Corporation installed a new and improved fire system at the site. McMahon Services managed the design and construction of a new fire hydrant and suction booster system at the site, also incorporating two new tanks.

During construction, McMahon Services needed to carefully consider traffic management and protection of the client sites as our construction works were within five metres of a fully operational feed production facility. Significant client truck movements (30 per day) also required construction programming to reduce impacts to client operations.

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