Reserve Bank of New Zealand Asbestos Remediation

Project Overview

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is New Zealand’s central bank, and was established in 1934. The Reserve Bank building, located in the central business district of Wellington, required extensive asbestos decontamination works and engaged McMahon Services to undertake the WorkSafe New Zealand approved scope of works.

Scope of Work

The scope of works was for the decontamination and encapsulation of identified asbestos materials on levels 13 to sub-basement (14 levels in total) of The Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Asbestos materials were identified in the base of core walls and six lift shafts, as well as residual asbestos dust located in proximity to installed asbestos materials.

Lift shaft remediation works included the installation of a personnel decontamination unit to the goods lift on the required access levels, establishing barricades and signage, installation of 200µm plastic seals to lift lobby opening and lift doors.

Decontamination works included HEPA vacuum cleaning of all accessible internal surfaces of the lift shaft. Asbestos decontamination was completed on a level by level basis from the top floor to lift shaft base. Upon completion of decontamination a two-hour fire rated mastic was applied to exposed edges of remaining asbestos materials. All remaining cleaned surfaces were sprayed with a clear PVA sealant.

Decontamination works for the central core, perimeter rises and stairwell included the establishment of exclusions zones establishment of site barricades, delineation and signage to all entry and exit points of asbestos removal zone, isolation and sealing of air conditioning to asbestos work zone, installation of 200µm plastic protection to floor from central core, and installation of personnel decontamination unit to entry and exit location of goods lift on each required level.

Central core, stairwell and perimeter riser works included HEPA vacuuming of carpet around central core, HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping of all surfaces to ceiling space, application of sealant around all penetrations to central core with a two-hour rated fire-retardant sealant, removal of carpet edging 10mm from central core with the aid of a HEPA vacuum, and HEPA vacuuming of exposed surfaces of installed asbestos to base of core walls.

Over 1400m of central fire wall, six lift shafts, all services shafts and cabinets were decontaminated and encapsulated.

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