Port Pirie Existing Maintenance Workshop Relocation & Refurbishment

Project Overview

McMahon Services were contracted by Nyrstar to undertake this multi-service project utilising several of the McMahon Services divisions – Demolition, Civil, Asbestos, Building, Roofing and Cladding.

Nyrstar is an integrated mining and metals business, with mining, smelting and other operations with market leading positions in zinc and lead and growing positions in other base, precious metals and essential resources.

The remote project situated in Port Pirie, involved the relocation of personnel and machinery from the current workshop that was scheduled for demolition, as well as the refurbishment and extension of an existing building onsite to create a new and updated suitable workshop environment.

The scope was as follows:

  • Design management for new workshop annex’s (footings, concrete floor and structural steel design) services design (hydraulic, mechanical and electrical) and architectural upgrades to the retained workshop and new annex’s
  • Removal and demolition of existing concrete floor in retained workshop
  • Asbestos removal from beneath the retained workshop concrete floor.
  • Fabrication and installation of new structural steel annexures on the new workshop
  • Installation of new concrete footings, concrete floors, wall cladding and services (compressed air, power, fire, water, sewer) in the new workshop
  • Relocation and installation of machines from current workshop to the new workshop

Whilst not specifically within the smelter processing facility, we were working within the Nyrstar facility which did require the same level of PPE. Each morning our staff would collect Nyrstar overalls and change into their work clothes; site boots, hard hat, glasses and respirator. At break times and end of shift, the employees would place all dirty work clothes in for washing, pass through a shower facility and put on their clothes before leaving site. Focusing on a commitment to the health and safety of our employees,

McMahon Services have installed our own change house facility onsite at Nyrstar allowing our employees to change and shower separately to Nyrstar and other contractor employees.

Geographically, the workshop construction site was in a high traffic area for heavy machinery and forklift use. As a result, creating some construction challenges as McMahon Services were often required to complete construction activities within tight footprint constraints. Pre-planning was required regarding placement of cranes, concrete trucks and boom lifts to integrate with the operating site.

This project included the relocation and installation of existing and new workshop equipment such as lathes, mills, vehicle hoists, jib and overhead cranes and drill presses. The design team needed to appropriately design the services for coordinated in ground service routes (power and water) to service both existing and new machinery. Our construction team also needed to manage the transportation and installation of the existing machinery into the new workshop.

Due to client driven schedule changes, the workshop was progressively handed over to site operations, creating a blended environment consisting of construction progressing alongside work site operations. McMahon Services were able to execute these works without issue, utilising extensive management skills ensuring a successful project outcome.

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