Penola Northern Bypass

Project Overview

The Penola Bypass is a major road project that formed part of a commitment to deliver a complete bypass of the Penola Township, which is a joint initiative of the Australian and South Australian Governments and the Wattle Range Council.

The Penola Northern Bypass is located to the west of Penola and involves construction of a new 2.2km road between Robe Road and Riddoch Highway. This project completes a 4.7km bypass route for the Penola Township, providing an alternative route for heavy vehicles to avoid the town centre.

The completed Penola Bypass is expected to significantly reduce heavy vehicle traffic volumes through the Penola township, reduce conflict between heavy vehicles, pedestrians and local traffic within Penola and reduce travel time, and create improved access for heavy vehicles.

The 100km/h bypass caters for commercial vehicles travelling on the Robe to Clay Wells Road and the Riddoch Highway generated from timber plantations in the area, and improve freight efficiencies supporting the Limestone Coast region’s highly productive economy.

McMahon Services were engaged to undertake the project which included the construction of approximately 2.2km of undivided sealed rural arterial road, including sealed shoulders and intersection upgrades within a new road reserve between Robe Road and Riddoch Highway, located to the west of the township. Works were also undertaken to realign the current Riddoch Highway (Church Street) T-junction with the existing Penola Southern Bypass to the south of the Penola Township to make the completed bypass the through road.

The detailed scope included:

  • Removal of trees and vines, rails and sleepers.
  • 53,800m³ of earthworks including clear and grub of new alignment, stripping topsoil and stockpiling, bulk earthworks cut to fill, placing and compaction of imported fill, drainage swales, batter trimming and spreading of topsoil
  • Drainage works including trenching, preparing subgrade and blinding, installation of pipe and headwalls, then backfill with stormwater infrastructure of 450mm and 600mm reinforced concrete pipes and 1200mm by 300 reinforce concrete box culverts
  • 61,700m² of pavement works including the placement and compaction of various subbase and basecourse materials. Supply and installation of over 10,000t of asphaltic concrete including basecourse layers, levelling course and wearing course and the installation of over 40,0000m² of crumbled rubber seal
  • Installation of 19 street lights including pole footings, 1000m of electrical conduits and 27 electrical pits and commissioning of the system
  • Line-marking, safety barriers and signage.

This project entailed detailed staging plans, extensive traffic management strategies and innovative cost saving solutions that also reduced the overall project schedule.

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