Kimberly-Clark Silo Demolition

Project Overview

Demolition of 28 metre high concrete silo and removal of all material.

This project saw the demolition of a 28 metre high concrete silo situated next to another silo, which was to remain. McMahon Services used a PC450 tonne excavator with three stage long reach demolition arm and a hook attachment, providing a total reach of 26 metres.

McMahon Services constructed a ramp of approximately 4.5 metres high to raise the excavator to the required height. Demolition began using the hook attachment on the concrete roof of the silo and progressively moving down and around the circumference. It took one day to complete the demolition.

Over five hours 400 tonnes of rubble was collected. Demolition material was transported to a landfill location on-site to be stockpiled and crushed at a later date.

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