Incitec Pivot Asbestos Pipe Lagging Re-insulation

Project Overview

Works involved the complete removal of all friable asbestos pipe lagging on its Gibson Island plant prior to the 2011 shutdown.

The Incitec Pivot Board in 2010 decided to undertake complete removal of all friable asbestos pipe lagging on its Gibson Island plant prior to the 2011 shutdown (a one in 4 year occurrence).

Scope of work:

  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging and re-insulate to over 2.5 km of pipes on a “live” plant
  • Working to the most stringent HSEQ requirements alongside a dedicated client team
  • Construction of over 60 separate enclosures ranging from the “micro” to over 30 m in size
  • Mobilisation of 40 personnel with up to 60 working on the project at peak times
  • Safe removal and disposal of all friable asbestos to be cleared from site on a daily basis

Issues to overcome:

  • All asbestos to be removed on a “live” plant working alongside normal production requirements
  • Steam lines operating at 450 degrees within working enclosures
  • All materials to be standards approved and flame retardant being able to withstand prolonged exposure to 60 degree plus ambient air temperatures
  • Personnel requiring state of the art Personal Protective Equipment to ensure adequate work periods inside enclosures including cool suits, thermal protection suits and supplied breathing air
  • All power tools to be intrinsically safe
  • Plant location is at the mouth of the Brisbane River and works were conducted during the summer storm season
  • Over 60 separate enclosures needed to be constructed around pipework capable of holding negative pressure and able to withstand heavy rain downpours
  • Timeframe for completion was fixed and non negotiable due to the incoming shutdown works of over $50 million relying on this project’s success

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