Hamilton Hill Water Main Pipeline Relocation Works

Project Overview

Hamilton Hill in the Adelaide suburb of Woodforde is a new residential development resting at the base of the Adelaide foothills. When completed the development will comprise of approximately 400 dwellings and 50,000m² of open space.

Starfish Developments engaged McMahon Services to provide remediation earthworks to prepare the site for subdivision and building construction works.

Scope of Work

During the delivery of the works, SA Water contacted Starfish Developments requesting the relocation of a 375mm diameter trunk water main which traversed the development site, as the line would pass through the sites of five storey apartments and townhouses. Once the development was complete, this would result in access difficulties should any future maintenance works be required on the line.

As the water main fed most of east Adelaide’s residential houses and commercial properties, the crossover works between the two pipelines needed to occur in the shortest time frame possible to minimise disruptions to SA Water customers. It was mandated that the shutdown of the old pipeline and initiation of the new pipeline had to be completed within a single day.

Works to replace the pipeline included the demolition and offsite disposal of the old 96m asbestos-containing watermain, installation of the new 160m length, 375mm diameter polyweld pipe water main, installation of nine concrete thrust and anchor blocks, two fire plugs, eleven bends up to 90° angles, flanges and valves, tie-in works to existing water mains and the flushing and chlorination of the completed pipe.

Preparation works took two weeks to coordinate so that tie-in works took the minimal amount of time to complete. These works included hydrotesting before the tie-in, and disinfection of the new pipeline by SA Water after the tie in works were complete. All works were completed within 12 hours with the pipeline meeting all design and quality specifications, and operating as required.

The work crew consisted of two pipelayers and six plumbers for tie in and commission works, with the two tie-in points completed simultaneously with two work crews. A 13t excavator lifted and placed all pipework during construction. Butt welding techniques were utilised fabricate the pipe into a single length.

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