DSTO Lead Based Paint Removal and Reinstatement

Project Overview

Complete removal of lead based paint from 28 buildings throughout the DSTO precinct.

McMahon Services was contracted by Spotless to remove lead based paint from external building elements and reinstatement works were required at the DSTO site.

All reinstatement works were undertaken by in-house personnel including ceiling and wall linings, carpentry, eaves linings, insulation, roofing, flashing, gutter and drainpipe replacement and electrical and plumbing work.

Scope of Works:

The project program was developed with high consideration for personnel working within secure areas and around sensitive equipment.

All personnel working on site held appropriate qualifications in lead paint removal.

Public protection was of the utmost importance. Perimeter fencing was established around entire buildings and/or sections of buildings, along with the installation of signage to warn and redirect staff.

Prior to the commencement of the lead based paint preparation works, JSA’s and Hazard and Risk Assessments outlining the safe removal and repair of lead based surfaces in accordance to relevant codes of practice were developed.

Challenges encountered and solutions provided:

The project presented several instances where it was not ideal to remove or encapsulate the lead based paint. A key example of this was gutters that were excessively corroded, or on timber eaves that were in poor condition. To provide an effective solution, McMahon Services allowed for the individual building elements to be replaced with comparable new elements.

Even though the timbers that required disposal contained lead based paint, McMahon Services was still able to dispose of the material as it met the requirements of ‘Construction and Demolition Waste’.

Community Relations:

Firm control and regular reporting were cornerstones to the successful management and outcomes of this project. McMahon Services took full control of all safety, quality, resourcing, communication, industrial relations and programme issues applicable to the project.

McMahon Services worked closely with the client and communicated regularly prior to any paint removal works commencing. Preplanning meetings were conducted, including key personnel from McMahon Services, Spotless and Defence OHS.

McMahon Services also ensured that ‘Removal Notification’ signage was posted on all buildings one week prior to the start date. The notices detailed hours of work and duration of the works to be carried out. Alternate building access locations were also posted where required.

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