Drilling Mud Sump Remediation

Project Overview

McMahon Services were engaged to undertake a remediation project in South Australia. The project involved delivering high quality outcomes by utilising technically focused personnel, specialist equipment and a wealth of experience in working in remote areas under difficult conditions.

Significant volumes of drilling mud are generated from the development of gas fields. These wastes are comprised of drilling fluids and muds, which can be utilised in a number of processes, and the cuttings, which are the solid component of the drilling waste. It is a regulatory requirement that when the sumps, which collect the drilling waste, are no longer needed at the end of the drilling process, they must be remediated to very high standards. McMahon Services were engaged to remediate a number of large drilling mud sumps that each contained over 1,500 cubic meters of drilling waste. The project complexity increased due to the relatively high level of public interest.

The sump remediation involved using an extensively planned excavation methodology to ensure the liner was not compromised, but also had to ensure that all of the drilling waste was removed. This methodology was critical in the success of the project, and was very well executed by the experienced and skilled McMahon Services team. The excavated drilling waste was loaded into EPA licensed trucks, with seals, tarps and locks to ensure the load was secure. The material was transported to a beneficial reuse facility, where the drill wastes were reused in process under EPA license conditions.

Overall the project was a great success and was completed before the practical completion date. The client was satisfied with all aspects of the project, further strengthening the relationship between them and McMahon Services.

“The approach taken by McMahon Services in managing our drilling mud led to a considerable economic saving, whilst meeting all of our environmental objectives”


Beach Energy Limited - Drilling Mud Sump Remediation Project

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