Bungama Substation

Project Overview

Removal and disposal of redundant material from the Bungama and Port Pirie Substations.

McMahon Services were contracted by Electranet to undertake the removal and disposal of redundant material from the Bungama and Port Pirie Substations in South Australia. This project involved the removal of PCB contaminated oil, PCB contaminated equipment and also non-contaminated oil and material.

The following material was removed and disposed:

  • Removal and disposal of 5,000 litres of PCB contaminated oil
  • Removal and disposal of 150,000 litres of non PCB contaminated oil
  • Removal and disposal of 17,000 kilograms of PCB contaminated equipment
  • Removal and disposal of 10MVA transformer
  • Removal and disposal of  2 x 42 tonne Wilson transformers
  • Removal and disposal of various 33KV / 132KV CVT / 132KV CT and TF 4
  • Removal and disposal of seven stobie poles

McMahon Services completed collection and sampling of Oil to test for PCB contamination, testing was then carried out by Veolia Environmental Services.

Healey Energy Services were contracted to transport non PCB contaminated transformer oil of approximately 97,050 litres and unscheduled PCB contaminated oil of approximately 5,000 litres. McMahon Services transported the PCB contaminated equipment to BCD Technologies who then treated and disposed of the PCB contaminated equipment. All scrap material was transported to Associated Metals SA.

A total of 2,404 hours were worked on this project. All work was carried out under our EPA licence and all material was removed and disposed of safely with no reported incidents. The project was completed within the specified time frames and budget.

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