Alexandra Street Road Reconstruction

Project Overview

The City of Prospect is a council representing 21,200 residents in an inner urban suburb located immediately north of the City of Adelaide. The City of Prospect is responsible for road maintenance within the Council’s boundaries. Alexandra Street had deteriorated to the point where it required reconstruction. McMahon Services was engaged to undertake these works, selected through a competitive tendering process.

Works undertaken were 850m of road reconstruction on Alexandra Street between Prospect Road and Churchill Road. Works included installation of 1,600m of new kerbs and gutters to both sides of the road to improve road drainage, 9,900m² of full pavement reconstruction, full footpath reconstruction from existing bitumen to interlocking pavers and intersection upgrades at Alexandra Street and Edinburgh Street, and Alexandra Street and Connaught Street including 12 new pedestrian ramps to meet current standards and minor road and footpath realignment to improve road safety.

Six treenet inlets were installed to improve green rating of the project by redirecting stormwater into tree watering. Driveways were regraded to match the alignment of the new road. Minor drainage works included culvert extensions and side entry pits for improved stormwater capacity at intersections of Alexandra Street and Prospect Road and Alexandra Street and Connaught Street.

Works were delivered in three stages to minimise disruptions to residents and impact of wet weather to the construction. The pavement design was changed from granular pavement to deep asphalt pavement to speed up the construction, minimise impacts of wet weather, avoid hitting underground services and saving cost of contaminated material disposal to the client. The project team also consulted the client to change the design of the culvert extension at the intersection of Alexandra Street and Prospect Road to avoid major service relocation including high voltage and high pressure gas main lines.

In lieu of traditional mechanical excavation, the project team used a 2m Profiler to remove old pavement. This aided in reducing the works from two weeks to two days.

Contraflow traffic management and soft road closure were implemented during the construction to keep the site safe and minimise disruption to local traffic.

Letter Drop was performed weekly as part of our communication plan to stakeholders to minimise disruptions to local residents. Door knocking to each house along the street was undertaken to ensure that local residents were aware of any major changes to traffic management as part of the construction.

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