ACC High Risk Demolition

Project Overview

High risk demolition work over an operational rail line in Adelaide’s CBD.

McMahon Services was contracted to complete high risk demolition work for Stage 1 of the Adelaide Convention Centre Redevelopment.

The 31 week program saw the Demolition team deconstruct and remove existing cooling towers, precast panels and walls, office and wet area strip outs, loading bay ramp and suspended slab (North Ramp), AV Store, lean-to building, wall mural and concrete stairs.

To undertake the large scope of works, McMahon Services mobilised a fleet of plant and equipment to the busy city location including; 100 tonne crane, 250 tonne crane, 25 tonne Franna Crane, PC 220 Excavator with Pulveriser attachment, 5 tonne excavator, 3 tonne excavator, scissor lift, bobcat, dump trucks and semi tippers.

Battling wet weather conditions for majority of the project cycle, the team was also faced with unique challenges, with the site requiring work to be completed over and in a central rail corridor linking to the Adelaide Railway Station.

Heavy restrictions meant that all high-risk work could only be carried out during designated closure times, typically over weekends, and strict noise and vibration control measures implemented.

Throughout the project the rail corridors and the existing ACC facilities were fully operational, meaning safety was paramount, especially in public access areas.

McMahon Services also had to contend with a fully operational ACC loading bay within the worksite, and numerous 250 tonne crane mobilisations and demobilisations on the suspended North Ramp situated over the rail line.

Approximately $30,000 worth of fabricated steel was installed for the propping of the suspended North Ramp, along with a large amount of Megashor. The task of dismantling the propping for each ramp bay removal was difficult, combined with the challenges of working in confined areas, coordinating with other trades, manoeuvring around fixed plant and equipment and limited access across the site.

After completing the first bay removal, McMahon Services developed an innovative roller system for installing the columns to the underside of the ramp, which was designed and fabricated out of scrap material on site. This unique system provided a time-saving solution for the following instalments.

Coordinating crane positions and propping crane outriggers and a concrete ramp within very tight and confined areas, also added further challenges to the project.

With zero LTIs recorded, the successful completion of this high risk project was a testament to the Demolition team.

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