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Safety awarded for 50 Flinders Street

During the day Danny Keogh and the other crew members carried out detailed site safety sweeps, checking for any loose building parts or debris, and making them safe. Up to five semitrailers were constantly shuttling back and forth, removing debris from the site.

A pedestrian gantry had already been installed, but the team also deployed “spotters” to look out for people and vehicles approaching the work zone.

This shielded cars and pedestrians from semis that were entering and leaving site. Scaffolding was designed and erected on one of the exterior walls to protect the building located adjacent at 60 Flinders Street and to ensure the fire exit was not blocked.

In addition to Danny’s safety award, Hansen Yuncken also highlighted the excellent team work on site, the engineered plan approach and the state-of-the art equipment used. We congratulate Danny and the team on his award and on a job well done.

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