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Northern Power Station Bunker Felling

At 9.00am on the 24th April 2018, McMahon Services successfully demolished a 47m high, 3000t steel coal bunker structure at the Augusta Power Stations using explosive charges.

Specialist engineers placed the charges to ensure lower sections of the bunker support columns were removed, thus enabling a highly controlled fall into the designated containment zone.

Now that the structure has been successfully felled, mechanical demolition can occur from the ground level using long reach demolition excavators. 

McMahon Services Managing Director, David McMahon, said, “On behalf of the team I would like to thank Precision Demolition, Tait Condon Engineers and our Alliance partner Flinders Power for the safe and successful operation.

“This is the eighth charged felling event on site and I am pleased to announce that they have all gone according to plan. This is testament to the detailed planning, safe work practices and dedication of the teams working collaboratively together.”

There were no dust or weather related issues during the blast.

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