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McMahon Services NT shows their support for The Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Garden Project

Intract Australia and McMahon Services have always been a strong supporter of the Matthew Hayden and Guy Reynolds Tiwi College Garden Project.

Located at Pickataramoor on Melville Island, Tiwi College is an exciting and dynamic secondary boarding school initiated and governed by the local residents of the island, who provide wellbeing and quality education for the Tiwi Island youth and students.

The Matthew Hayden and Guy Reynolds Tiwi College Garden Project was achieved through the commitment and influence of positive role models from the sporting and entertainment sector, as well as a cross section of corporate executives, who share an interest in sharing their experiences and opportunities that will enhance social change.

Intract’s involvement in the college has been one we are proud of and it has been inspiring to see the growth of the College and the development of the students through the Guides Program.

Over the past four years Intract and McMahon Services NT have been supporting the Tiwi College Project and for the past two years have been ‘Centurion Club’ sponsors, providing funding to sustain the fantastic work the Hayden and Reynolds team have been undertaking.

Every year, the Tiwi College brings between 10-20 male students aged 15-18 years into Darwin to complete work for one week in various industries to give the student some visibility across options for career pathways moving forward, and viable industry connections for employment post-secondary education.

Most recently, Intract Australia and McMahon Services NT hosted two students, John and Clinton, who undertook mandatory induction training in our Darwin office before commencing onsite at various job locations.

Skills acquired whilst with us included site clean-up for demobilisation, use of hand held power tools and trade assistant to carpenters installing the framework for wall panels.

Both John and Clinton have excelled over the placement with positive feedback from their supervisors about their eagerness to learn new things.

We look forward to replicating this on a yearly basis and we have thoroughly enjoyed having the boys join our team.


Visit the Hayden Reynolds Tiwi College Project website