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Let the Celebrations Continue…. The Family Fun Day Returns

In 2020, McMahon Services proudly celebrated 30 years of operations. To mark this special occasion, we held a free family fun day for our employees and their families, a toast to them for helping us get where we are today!

The good news is – the event was so well received and so successful, that we decided to turn it into an annual event.

Some might say, in a day that rivalled last year, this year was bigger, and better. We introduced new rides, new local food suppliers, a petting zoo that was a hit with everyone, free company branded t-shirts for the kids, and we even had a caricaturist.

Once again, staff were encouraged to bring their family – the people that support them in fulfilling their roles to the fullest each and every day.

The key strength of the business and the reason for the success of the company is the quality and dedication of our people, as well as the great culture and attitude fostered in our personnel and teams. We are proud to say that many of our staff are second generation McMahon Services employees.

2021 also marked a year for significant tenure milestones. To celebrate these, we decided to now present these milestones at the family day, if their tenure date falls before the event date. What better way to recognise and celebrate employees than when they are with their family.

We had three new entrants into the 20 Year Tenure Club, and ten new entrants into the Ten-Year tenure Club in 2021.