Augusta Power Station – Northern Power Station East Bunker Felling

The Eastern Coal Bunker, Transfer Towers E & F and connecting Conveyors were safely and successfully felled as planned at 9am 10th April 2017.

At 9:00 am Monday 10th April, the Augusta Power Stations Decommissioning project was brought a step closer to completion through the successful felling of the East Coal bunker and associated Transfer Towers. The event marks the projects third successful demolition by explosive charge felling and the second of six planned charge felling events throughout Port Augusta’s Northern Power Station.

Detailed engineering design and methodology was prepared for the felling of the structures, which included the East Coal Bunker at over 38m in height and coal Transfer Tower F at over 53m in height combining for a total structural mass of over 2,000 tonnes.

Felling of the structures is achieved by the use of linear shaped cutting charges first severing the front columns of the structures followed by the detonation of ‘kicking charges’ that rotate the columns out from under the structure. The main columns of the structures were pre-cut specifically to allow for minimum steel to be cut by the linear shaped cutting charges whilst maintaining structural integrity and ensuring the safety of all those involved.

A comprehensive review process conducted by the Alliance saw all engineering design cross checked and endorsed by two third party engineering firms and SafeWork SA.

The event was preceded by a detailed structural separation process whereby the main structural members connecting the coal bunker and the larger boiler structures were precisely cut to allow them to freely fall away from the remaining boilers following the charge event.

The felled structures will now be progressively processed by specialised demolition excavators and shears ready for international transport and sale.