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Addition of a Copex CVM 630 Scrap Shear and Baler

In early 2017, McMahon Services procured the Copex CVM 630, a mobile scrap shear and baler easily transportable by truck to any construction or demolition site.

The powerful scrap metal processing machine brought to Australia from France is capable of producing 630t of cutting force and 120t of hold-down cylinder and longitudinal force, all powered by a 252kW diesel engine. The 5.6m pre-compression bin allows for continuous feed of scrap metal with an output of 10 tonnes per hour. All operational functions can be controlled remotely via radio communications.

McMahon Services’ is currently utilising the Copex CVM 630 on the Augusta Power Stations Decommissioning project in South Australia, where approximately 50,000t of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals will be sheared and processed for recycling. The use of the Copex machine is providing significant program efficiencies and ultimately creates a safer working environment on site.