General Manager - Asbestos & Hazardous Materials

John has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, specialising in the field of asbestos removal and hazardous waste remediation.

John started in the asbestos removal industry in the early 1980s with GF McMahon supervising many large-scale friable asbestos projects throughout the Adelaide CDB and Regional South Australia. These projects included asbestos removal from various multi-storey buildings including the AMP National Bank, Reserve Bank, Myer and David Jones buildings.

In 1988, John transferred to O’Connor McMahon in the USA. The USA Federal Government had passed the AHERA Act (Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act) which effectively mandated that all schools must identify and remove known asbestos materials. John was involved in all aspects of the management and safe removal of asbestos materials from schools, power stations, paper mills, multi-storey buildings throughout the USA for a period of 5 years.

Currently, John is the Manager, Asbestos Removal / Hazardous Waste for McMahon Services Australia. In this role, John has managed and delivered multiple asbestos removal projects for government, industrial, commercial, mining and the health sector, in all states and territories of Australia.

In 2012, John was appointed as a member of the South Australia asbestos advisory committee which provides a forum for identifying asbestos related matters and advice to communicate to the minister.