Adelaide Women's Prison

  • Locations Northfield, South Australia
  • Client Badge
  • Contract Northfield Women's Prison Infrastructure Upgrade Package 2
  • Cost $1.4 million
  • Duration February 2013 - December 2013

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Reconstruction of stormwater system and civil construction works at the Adelaide Women's Prison.

McMahon Services was contracted to undertake extensive infrastructure upgrade works at the Adelaide Women’s Prison located in Northfield. The prison accommodates up to 148 female prisoners with high, medium and low security ratings.

The upgrade works included preparation for new buildings within the prison camp and reconstruction of a new stormwater system. Our Civil Division completed the works utilising all in-house personnel throughout the duration of the 11 month project.

Stormwater System

  • Swale excavation
  • Excavation of a detention basin
  • Concrete and PVC stormwater pipe installation
  • Precast concrete pits and lids
  • Headwall installation

The stormwater system also required suitable processes for a prison installation, including the concrete embedment of rip rap rock at headwalls to completely encase the rock for maximum security.

Civil Construction

  • The civil construction component of the contract included –
  • Construction of new building plateaus under Level 1 Supervision, including set-downs for a new kitchen, accommodation building, gym and office station.
  • Construction of new building plateaus for two transportable buildings including placement of base concrete blocks
  • Preparation for new concrete footpaths
  • Construction of asphalt footpaths
  • Construction of asphalt roads and concrete kerbing, including line marking 
  • Reconstruction of “sterile zones” located adjacent to boundary fencing and suitable for microwave sensors

A major component to this scope was the construction of a new asphalt basketball court, complete with line marking. A substantial amount of additional works were required at the subgrade level to overcome geotechnically unsuitable ground. McMahon Services provided the client with advice on design changes to help overcome the unforseen issues. 

McMahon Services’ Roofing Division also formed part of the project team to install new roofing, cladding and lining to two new buildings as part of the redevelopment. The roofers installed a mixture of Spanform Zinc Alum and Spanform Colorbond roofing to the new Kitchen and 20 bed accommodation block, with sheeting measuring approximately 28.2 metres long.

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